Store Blocks + Files: IBM / EMC / Huawei Enterprise storage, Brocade FC SAN, NFS, AWS S3
Compute: IBM POWER, x86, AIX, GNU/Linux
Virtualize: PowerVM, Linux KVM
Cluster: PowerHA, Spectrum Scale (GPFS), Hypervisor HA, DR techniques
Manage Configurations: Ansible
Develop Software: Perl, Python, C, PL/SQL, DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code attitude
Handle structured Data: Oracle
Secure IT: Kerberos, PKI, PCI-DSS

I offer my time and energy and bring my knowledge and experience in the above fields.
I strive to achieve functional results on a technical, economical and interpersonal level.
Integrity, to me, means realism, efficiency and quality.

nteg GmbH
Gartenstr. 2
CH-6302 Zug, Switzerland
Commercial Register Zug: CH-
VAT Id: CHE-497.598.460

represented by:
Joachim Gann, Managing Director
jgann AT nteg DOT ch
+41 78 733 09 28
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